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The Madness of Claire
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bbc Atlantis - my shiny new boys 
26th-Oct-2013 09:50 pm
DEFAULT Moon and Corset
my shiny new boys,fififolle knows what I mean...

They also do things like this

and added baby

and Jason keeps taking off his shirt...

27th-Oct-2013 04:35 am (UTC) - Atlantis!
We were watching BBC America for a few minutes and saw an ad for this. How is the show? And is that slash potential I see? :)
27th-Oct-2013 08:49 am (UTC) - Re: Atlantis!
i quite like it, it's not exactly historically correct but it is by the same people who made merlin. They are always getting into trouble and have to run away a lot :-)

you don't even need to squint for the slash potential between these two, they are quite touchy feely. But Pythagoras already lives with Hercules and they were really pushing that this week so the hero Jason could run off with the princess!

27th-Oct-2013 09:19 am (UTC) - Re: Atlantis!
also, look at the way Pythagoras drapes himself all over Jason

27th-Oct-2013 02:48 pm (UTC) - Re: Atlantis!
Oh that's very nice! I might run away with this pic. Also, I love Pythagoras' tunic, and don't like Jason's much at all *g*

PS Just followed you on Twitter! *g*
27th-Oct-2013 05:23 pm (UTC) - Re: Atlantis!
Oh with the pretty... ::sigh:: I have the first five episodes downloaded to my system at home. I need to convert them and watch them before I start my NaNo! :)
28th-Oct-2013 10:26 am (UTC) - Re: Atlantis!
there is only five episodes so far!

27th-Oct-2013 02:47 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean!! Wonderful silly stuff :D So pretty xxx
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