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The Madness of Claire
I didn't lose my mind, it was mine to give away - No Regrets:Robbie Williams
Stargate: Atlantis 
30th-Oct-2013 07:12 pm
DEFAULT Moon and Corset

Masterlist of Stargate:Atlantis Fic


Updated April 2010

A Fear of Falling Under - Sheppard, McKay 
I do not want to label this Slash, it is not in my head, but some readers disagree. Warnings: non-con.

Had A Bad Day - Lorne/Parrish

Welcome Home - Lorne/Parrish

Reality Feels - Lorne/Parrish

Also includes other slash and het pairings. Warnings: Stoned!Lorne

Last Bullet - Sheppard/McKay

Warnings: Zombies!

Five Things Lorne does while Sheppard and the Others are taking back Atlantis from the Replicators - Lorne/Parrish

Five People who Babysit Torren - Gen

Get What He Wants - Caldwell/Woolsey

Warnings: Torture, non-con.

Twelve - Lorne/Parrish

Warnings: Violence

Also my 50ficlets  table is SGA, with the pairing Lorne/Parrish.

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