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The Madness of Claire
I didn't lose my mind, it was mine to give away - No Regrets:Robbie Williams
23rd-Nov-2013 09:55 pm - Day of the Doctor
DEFAULT Moon and Corset
I admit, I wasn't that keen on Matt Smith, but in a moment of weakness I bought ALL his Doctor Who Episodes on DVD this week, I watched them all ready to watch "Day of the Doctor" tonight. And phew! I need a cigarette now. It was AWESOME!
30th-Oct-2013 07:12 pm - Stargate: Atlantis
DEFAULT Moon and Corset

Masterlist of Stargate:Atlantis Fic


Updated April 2010

A Fear of Falling Under - Sheppard, McKay 
I do not want to label this Slash, it is not in my head, but some readers disagree. Warnings: non-con.

Had A Bad Day - Lorne/Parrish

Welcome Home - Lorne/Parrish

Reality Feels - Lorne/Parrish

Also includes other slash and het pairings. Warnings: Stoned!Lorne

Last Bullet - Sheppard/McKay

Warnings: Zombies!

Five Things Lorne does while Sheppard and the Others are taking back Atlantis from the Replicators - Lorne/Parrish

Five People who Babysit Torren - Gen

Get What He Wants - Caldwell/Woolsey

Warnings: Torture, non-con.

Twelve - Lorne/Parrish

Warnings: Violence

Also my 50ficlets  table is SGA, with the pairing Lorne/Parrish.

26th-Oct-2013 09:50 pm - bbc Atlantis - my shiny new boys
DEFAULT Moon and Corset
my shiny new boys,fififolle knows what I mean...

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22nd-Oct-2013 12:57 am - *waves*
DEFAULT Moon and Corset

I'm home! huzzah! that was EIGHT WEEKS in the hospital. I came home, ordered a pizza, took a shower, took pain killers and then I slept for nine hours - with no interruptions! no being woken up for blood pressure or blood sugar or told to turn over so I don't get pressure sores, or told to eat. I'm free.

Also I have proper internet!!!! huzzah!
10th-Oct-2013 10:59 pm - ohhhhh SGA wins again!
DEFAULT Moon and Corset
so, for those that don't know I'm in the hospital, been here a while, going to be here a while longer.

I'm well enough for boredom to become an issue but not well enough to go home. I have my laptop and internet dongle, and today my lovely daughter bought me in her portable DVD player and a bunch of DVD's. She bought me all 5 seasons of SGA because she knows it's my favourite. I didn't have the heart to tell her I only just did a re-watch and figured I'd pick out my favourite Lorne episodes and just stare. (Staying awake can be an issue at times too)

So today, there is me, DVD player on, "The Game" is playing, there is the lovely Lorne arguing with Zelenka and I fail to notice the nurse enter the room.

She startles me by saying "Oh God, Lorne is jut so hot!" I'm flabergasted and we sort of just look at each other. She shrugs and says "well he is." and follows that statement with "my sister likes Sheppard." and she pulls a face. I really felt a lot better after that. much better than last week when a different nurse caught me reading explicit slashy porn. At least that one didn't recognise it!

while I'm here anyone one want to point me at something exciting to read to keep me going.....
10th-Oct-2013 11:44 am - weirdness abounds
DEFAULT Moon and Corset
so I'm participating in a big bang as an artist, I've claimed my story, and have not had a copy of the fic. and have had no contact with the author at all. Contact the mod I hear you yell. but the author of my fic IS the comm moderator, so now what do I do? I can't make art from nothing and the deadline is approaching......

*twidles thumbs*
9th-Oct-2013 05:41 pm - Happy Birthday diek09
DEFAULT Moon and Corset
Happy Birthday diek09

my current situation means I can't do much more than offer you best wishes, but I am thinking of you!
29th-Sep-2013 08:55 pm - hc_bingo card
DEFAULT Moon and Corset
undercover: discovered and hurt
sensory deprivation
pandemics and epidemics
rent boys / girls
unwanted superpower (sudden onset)
fear of clowns
vampires: fresh bite / first transformation
driven to insanity
stalkers / serial killers
sore muscles
vampires: sun burn or poisoning
bullet wounds
wings (sudden onset)
rape / recovery
character is shown the error of his or her ways
severe / life-threatening illness
multiple personalities: always there

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