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The Madness of Claire

I didn't lose my mind, it was mine to give away - No Regrets:Robbie Williams

2 April 1972
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July 2010 - Wow, I must be bored, I'm updating again!

Do people even read these things? Short story, this is a place of fic, currently writing in Numb3rs, SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Thinking of adding Sanctuary to that list. In addition I read and loiter around smaller fandoms like, Blood Ties and The 4400. Am just getting into Supernatural. (I'd have Dean, but I'd be thinking about Colby or Lorne)

Also note I Slash, a lot, infact it's pretty much all I do. I love the Grunt and his scientist dynamic, so I love pairings like Colby/Charlie, John/Rodney, Lorne/Parrish, Lorne/Zelenka, Jack/Daniel... You get the idea.

Was my Birthday in April. Look what I got from the lovely diek09

From diek09

New to me, I've recently become fascinated with Icon making, I'm a beginner with gimp, but getting there.
I play in mostly Stargate Icon comms - drmckay_itestjohnshepp_itestkavlorne_itestsgmen_itestsgwomen_itest
Here are my recent winning banners - Yes, I brag. I was stupidly pleased to get these.

I also play here

stargate365days Make a Claim! stargate365days Rules and Info

and here

stargateland stargateland stargateland

Come and join me!

Because I can!